The Story of Janda



Toward the end of November in 2008, Jim Gillies received word that Angus Yachts of Toronto was bankrupt.  Jim was then the independent yacht broker based in Lefroy representing Angus & Clift’s Pre-Owned Yachts, which was a division of Angus Yachts.  And that same evening the idea of Janda Yacht Sales was born.

“We had invested much of our Three T’s (Time, Talent, Treasure) into our enterprise at Lefroy Harbour, first with Clift’s Marine Sales and then with Angus & Clift’s and we enjoyed the business ... meeting people, facilitating purchases and sales, boating and working out of a beautiful marina.  So we decided to go out on our own.


“We made arrangements to continue in the office in Lefroy and registered our company Janda Yacht Sales Ltd.”


Since then Janda Yacht Sales has moved from Lefroy to Bradford.  Jim became one of the first Boating Ontario Marine Sales Professionals.  In May 2012 Jim moved on and earned the prestigious designation of CPYB, Certified Professional Yacht Broker and Janda Yacht Sales is a CPYB Endorsed Brokerage, one of only a few Endorsed Brokerage companies in Canada.


Jim and Annette were married in 1998 and have been boating together ever since.  Together they have had a cottage runabout, a fishing boat, canoe, bowrider, express cruiser, and now an aft cabin motor yacht.  They enjoy cruising the Trent-Severn Waterway and Georgian Bay when time allows.


Jim was a pilot for a number of years instructing flying in southern Ontario, flying float planes on the West Coast, water bombers in NWT and DC-3 freighters in Ontario, Quebec and the eastern United States.  He moved on from flying to computer programming for large banks and trust companies.  Jim was born on Toronto Island so as a boater from birth it seemed nature to return to boating as a yacht broker. 


Over the years Jim has owned a small cottage boat, a ski boat, a wind surfer, a sailboat, and an aerobatic aircraft.   He notes his career now spans land, sea, and air.


Annette came to Canada from England in 1968, first working in different large companies.  In 1998 Annette was ordained an Anglican priest.  Needless to say Annette brings a perspective to yacht brokerage not to be found elsewhere.


"We are not dinosaurs ... we neither claim to be the oldest nor the biggest yacht brokerage but we are working diligently to be the best.  Here at Janda Yacht Sales we work both on our own and cooperatively with other brokers throughout Canada and the United States to fulfil all of our clients’ yacht brokerage needs and boating dreams whether in sail or power.  Through the network of CPYB yacht brokers Janda Yacht Sales can find the vessel that will suit you perfectly." 


As a married couple combining their different backgrounds they bring unique qualities and gifts to yacht brokerage ... Janda is Jim and Annette.


Janda Yacht Sales Ltd. 

Your Yacht Brokers ... making your boating dreams come true!

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